The newest addition to Identiv’s physical security solution, Velocity Vision is a unified, open platform video management system (VMS) that now provides data enabled security and intelligence in a “single-pane-of-glass view”.

The Vision platform is seamlessly integrated with renowned Hirsch Velocity and Freedom Software, which provides a verified, centralized security framework to deliver real-time threat detection and mitigation across an entire enterprise deployment. It is designed to make security operations smarter by allowing them to see, record, and react to environments and make operations scalable, freeing up security teams to act faster with better data.

Some of the biggest challenges are now being met with most video surveillance systems in the market, from managing theft, violent crimes, and vandalism, to process optimization and technical challenges, and we are no different here at Identiv in combating these issues.

As we team up with other innovations in this area, we are now seeing more requirements for longer range IR in the field, real-time object tracking, and drone detection, which are but a few of our latest collaborations. These solutions walk hand-in-hand with our business ethos and our highly secure, cyber-hardened offerings through the CPNI sector and FICAM solutions that we offer.

As a single-pane-of-glass, we can use the Velocity Vision mapping section to oversee and control the protected perimeters, assets, and personnel for better peace of mind in real-time. From this overview, we can issue commands to the access control doors, cameras, inputs, etc. and also view and manage all alerts/events directly from the ACS, with more feature enhancement ever growing.

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